Burglar Bill visits Reception..

Reception had a visit from Burglar Bill this week.  He came into the classroom and stole some of their things.  Good job Mrs Godfrey was there to protect us!  We went out into the garden to gather some evidence for the local police.

When we came into school on Friday we had to be detectives.  The Police had sent us a letter asking us for their help.  They needed us to help eliminate people from their enquiries.  We had to fingerprint people around the school to check that the evidence we gathered definitely had Burglar Bill’s prints!

We are busy using our pattern skills to check that the prints are Burglar Bills.


Welcome Back to 2019!

Welcome back to Reception 2019!

We have had a great start to the Spring term!

This term we are looking at the essential question “What is the best job in the world?”.  We launched our project with a Royal Ball.  All of the children came into school dressed to impress!  During the day we made sandwiches and biscuits to repair for our royal party.  During the party we played royal party games.

Throughout the week we have been learning all about the Royal family and what the role of the Queen is.   We have even had a letter from the Queen!  The Queen wrote to us asking her to design her some new knickers.  We enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ so this didn’t take us by surprise.  We got to work straight away and started making her some new knickers using a tie die technique.  We can’t wait to show you all the finished product!

3D Shape Hunt!

Reception came into school this morning and their fruit had been stolen!   The 3D shape monsters had came into our classroom and stolen the fruit basket.  We had to go on a 3D shape hunt around the school to collect the shapes back in- we had to be careful because Mrs Brown told us that they would bite!  We had to identify the shapes too!  We were all really strong and brave.  We all cheered each other on!

When we had gathered all the shapes back and identified them our fruit was returned just in time for snack! When we got back to the classroom the children built a trap to ensure they wouldn’t go on the rampage again!


Reception have had a busy few weeks! The last week of half term brought all things Halloween to Mountfield!  We read the story of Funnybones and began to learn the story using Talk for Writing.

We went out to play as usual… but when we got back something strange happened!  Mrs Brown found a letter on the carpet and there were lots of skeleton bones around our room.  The skeletons from the Funnybones story had gone out for a walk and when they were out they had an accident and got broken.   Because of this they couldn’t tell their story anymore and the book was blank! Our job was to put the skeletons back together by matching the numbers and the shapes. Once we all worked together we were able to put the skeletons back together and let them tell their story!

What makes me one in a million?

Reception have all settled into life at Mountfield really well!  They have been extremely busy over the last few weeks learning new rules and routines as well as making lots of new friends.

We started looking at our new essential question: “What makes me one in a million?” and have been busy ever since.  This week we have been looking at types of houses and homes that people live in.  We have linked this to our work in Talk for Writing and have looked closely at the story of The 3 Little Pigs.

Mrs Brown wrote a story map and we all thought of some actions we could use to tell the story.  We have been practicing it whenever we have had a spare minute! Come and ask us to show you!

We have been going 3 Little Pig crazy in the classroom too and have been taking part in lots of pig activities!